After more than ten years of collaboration within a marine navigation software company, 4 friends decided to use their energy and sense of innovation to develop new applications for smartphones.

“We have been working for a long time on different game apps ideas” explains Fred Algalarrondo in charge of marketing, “The recent US campaigns and the unexpected election of Mr Donald Trump were a great source of inspiration.”

Portland is the main city of Oregon (Pacific Northwest of the USA) and Oregon is proudly known to be a Democratic state. Consequently, many peaceful protests were spontaneously organized in the city after the results, giving the opportunity to our engineers to get inspired by the arrival of this newly elected President to The White House with his promises of the construction of a Mexican border wall.


Fueled by the protesting spirit of their city, the four friends introduce their first App to prevent Donald Trump from taking over the oval office. To do this, you must orient two walls around The White House to repel the assaults of the man with the most famous combover in the world.

Donald Attack available for free on the Apple store and Google Play

Try this very fun and addictive game App !

Illustrations by  Clément Dartigues




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